Ultraviolet Treatment Systems


Mold and bacteria can't hide in the light.

Take a More Aggressive Approach

A simple way to eliminate bacteria, viruses and mold that are recirculated through the home is to a add ultraviolet air treatment to your HVAC system. Air conditioners use a cooling coil to cool the air circulating in home. These cooling coils are cooled by the process of condensation and evaporation making them a breeding ground for mold and bacteria.

Ultraviolet treatment systems not only make the air healthier for you to breath, but also help to ensure your air conditioner runs as efficiently as possible by eliminating up to 99% of mold build up on the cooling coil.

Let HEI technicians evaluate your home and explain the pros and cons of the full line of Ultraviolet air treatment devices we offer from Honeywell. For full specifications on these product lines, visit the supplier's site below.


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